Brews on Tap at 2018 Kingwood Venue


Breweries and Winery's at Kingwood Venue

 Here is what we are pouring at the  Pour One Nine Beerfest at Kingwood Center Gardens! A few surprises may be added! The Phoenix Brewing Company (Mansfield),  Laxton Hollow (Lexington) ,  

Union Town Brewing (Ashland), Brew Kettle (Strongsville), Brew Dog (Canal  Winchester),  Royal Docks  Brewing( Canton),  Restoration Brewing    (Delaware), JAFB (Wooster).   We will also have a great selection of local wines.    Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates -  Pour One Nine

Brewers and Brews at Kingwood October 2018

Phoenix Brewing Company


Mansfield, Ohio  


 Embalming Fluid - Imperial IPA - 8.2% -    Don’t let the name or the 100 IBUs scare you. This Imperial IPA, brewed with pilsner malt and a secret blend of hops is gold in color, with high hop flavor and aroma of pineapple, mango and citrus but without any harsh hop bitterness. 

         Oktoberfest Marzen 5.2%  - Traditional Marzen brewed with   German malts and Bavarian yeast. Smooth and rich with a slightly sweet and malty character with a clean   and refreshing finish. Perfect for Fall.

            Orange   Eyes Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin Ale 6.5% - A magnificent beast with large   glowing orange eyes was first seen at Charles Mill Lake in 1959. Rumor has it that beast was unearthed from   his Cleveland cemetery fair and fled to Charles Mill Lake. Named in his honor, this pumpkin ale   infuses pumpkin, black starp molasses and autumnal spices to help you create   your own special glow.    

        Dark   Lylith Imperial Stout Chocolate Stout 9.5% - Newest addition to the Phoenix   Mortuary High Gravity Series. Brewed   with 3 different types of chocolate, the Dark Lylith is rich with layers of   chocolate silk and lightly roasted notes from chocolate malt, black cocoa and   cocoa nibs. Delightfully rich without   an overly boozy finish for a 9.5% ABV beer, Lylith is also a Bronze Medal   winner in the Chocolate Stout category in the 2018 U.S. Open Beer   Championships.    

        Cyclops Milkshake IPA 7.0% Cyclops Milkshake IPA - Batch 3   uses fresh local peaches, lactose sugar along with loads of hop   additions. Brewed beyond hazy into the  realm of opaque, the Cyclops has a creamier mouth feel and is bursting with  hop aroma. Each batch is limited and  no two batches will ever be exactly the same.    

Laxton Hollow Brewing Works


Lexington, Ohio

 Autumn   Ale Brown/Seasonal 4.8% Medium bodies with a red color   and a light bitterness, this seasonal ale features rye crystal malt and a   subtle helping of maple syrup. Magnum,   Liberty and Williamette hops provide a traditional hop profile.    

        Laughing   Pirate Porter English Porter  5.7% A semi-dry porter featuring   chocolate malt, black malt and caramel malts. Roasted, chocolate and coffee   notes are followed by a hint of smokiness and the rounded, fruity bitterness of Challenger hops.     

        The Inventor ISB English IPA 6.2% This traditional pale ale   features a biscuity Maris Otter malt base, with a touch of wheat and caramel   malt to round out the flavor. Admiral, Whitbread Variety and East Kent   Golding hops lend bitter orange marmalade and tobacco flower notes.     

Union Town Brewing


Ashland, Ohio

                Oktoberfest Marzen 6.0% Wonderful blend of Munich and   Vienna malts. The caramel and toasty   bread notes stand out with a clean crisp finish.

            Old Man   Gilbert Vanilla Porter Porter 5.8% Robust porter with a smooth   finish. The addition of Madagascar   bourbon vanilla beans give the perfect amount of flavor.    

        41 Lots India Pale Ale 7.2% Well balanced easy drinking   IPA. The Azacca hops provide a   wonderful citrus and fruity profile.    

Royal Docks Brewing

Canton, Ohio

         Pendragon  Rarewit Witbier 5.3% Legend has it that King Arthur's   father, Uther Pendragon, possessed two magical ales. One of those ales was "wrought in   Avalon" to refresh his warrios spirits and imbue them with the courage   of a red dragon. This light-bodies,   refreshing ale is gently spiced with herbs and spices native to the Welsh   countryside as our homage to that legendary ale.    

        Leatherhead IPA - American 7.3% Inspired by the American IPA's   of the pre-prohibition era and made with ingredients and techniques common to   those long ago brews. Leatherhead IPA   is brewed only a few miles from the field where pro football was first played   in Canton, Ohio. It is a stiff   reminder of what it meant to be a Gridiron ace. Leather clad & iron willed playing for the love of   the game and drinking beer with backbone.    

        Vlad Stout - Russian Imperial 13.1% An imperia stout to be reckoned   with. Vlad is a coal black, high   quality, high alcohol ale with tremendous, complex flavors and aromas that   hint at caramel, coffee, roasted nuts and perhaps a wee bit of smoke with a   monster mouthfeel and a warming finish.    

Brew Dog Beers

        Elvis Juice American IPA  A bitter edge that will push   your citrus tolerance to the brink and back. Elvis Juice is loaded with tart pithy grapefruit peel. This IPA has a caramel malt base,   supporting a full frontal citrus overload - grapefruit peel piled on top of   intense us aroma hops. Waves of   crashing pine, orange and grapefruit round out this citrus infused IPA.  

          Hazy Jane Vermont Style IPA  Low background bitterness,   loaded with intense juicy fruit character. Pineapple, stonefruit, mango, light resin and hints of lime peel -   this juicy IPA is full bodied and smooth, enhancing the soft ripe fruit   flavors.    

        Choco  Libre Imperial Stout  This one-off brew showcases the   flavors of a Mexican spiced hot chocolate, infused in an imperial stout. One of the most complex stouts we have ever   brewed, Choco Libre is colossal and comes ready to roll. Out tip? Don't fight -- make peace with it instead. Expect a wallop of milk chocolate, vanilla,   fruity coffee and cinnamon with an undercurrent of dark malt roastiness. This beer is rich and full bodied with a   warmth of chilies.    


Wooster, Ohio

        Wooster  New Stout Stout 7.0% Foreign export style stout   brewed with roast and chocolate malts. Strong dark chocolate, roast and coffee flavor. Nuanced with underlying dark fruit notes.    

        Rain Delay IPA International IPA 6.5% An international IPA. Big tropical aroma and flavor from the use   of hops from New Zealand and Australia. A crowd favorite.    

Brew Kettle

Strongsville Ohio 


   Oktoberfest German Style Fest Beer 6.0% Amber hued with a rich malty   character from a blend of German malts with just a touch of German Tettnang   hops for added complexity.    

        Winter Warmer Spiced Christmas Ale 8.2% A Christmas Ale packed with the   spices of the holidays; cinnamon, ginger, orange and lemon peel and a sleigh   load of honey. A beer that's loaded   with holiday cheer. 

           L’Hazy   Mango New England style IPA 6.1% Purposely cloudy. Done as they do in the northeast, not   because it is easy, but to accentuate the hops. A blend from near and far with the addition   of real Mango juice and flavors to tropical juice up this already juicy IPA.    

Restoration Brew Worx

Delaware, Ohio


Azaccaho IPA IPA 7.4% Introducing 2 new hops, Azacaho   and Idaho-7. Big notes of mango and papaya with pleasant undertones of   grapefruit and resin. R & D can be fun and tasty.    

        Maltimatum   Scottish Ale Scottish Ale 5.6% Traditional Scottish ale with   big malty notes of toffee, nutty and subtle chocolate notes but finishing dry   getting your palate ready for the next sip.    

        The Cobbler Imperial Golden Ale 10.2% Celebration of the harvest and   the fall with 150 lbs of fresh grown Marysville peaches and infused with   fresh cinnamon sticks. The balanced   flavors of peach and cinnamon come together with biscuit malty flavors just   like Grandmas cobbler. This will catch   up to you with a finish of warm alcohol. Comfort in a glass.    

Wines at Kingwood Venue

Prefer to sample wines?


We are going to have some great wines at the event for you to sample also.  So if you prefer wine, we will have it!   



Barrel fermenting has enhanced the natural buttery, vanilla, and soft oak flavors.  Slightly muted with fresh melon and spicy aromas.

Brickyard White:

This Pinot Grigio has been fermented on the skins.  It is not the crisp Pinot that is common, nut a smooth rendition that showcases the grapes true flavors.


You can taste the blueberries in this sweet, fruity wine.  It is a great summer sipper, even over ice!

Cabernet Sauvignon:

Black Current, and a slight bit of pepper, and an abundance of cherry come through on this fruit forward wine.  This is a classic California Cab!

Pettit Verdot:

A unique flavor of black licorice and Sassafras.  It is slightly tannic, and complex.


A medium bodied wine with cherry, raspberry, and violet flavors.  This wine has benifited with a couple of years of bottle aging, and is getting better over time!

Brews on tap at 2017 fall event

Phoenix Brewing Company


         Oktoberfest - Brewed with Bavarian Lager yeast, the PBC   Oktoberfest is rich with a slightly sweet and malty character and a clean   finish. Released and available in September and October, the traditional Oktoberfest dates.

         Orange Eyes Pumpkin   Spice Ale  6.50% 27 $90  Orange Eyes. also known as the Mill Lake   Monster and known for his large glowing orange eyes, was first seen in 1959.   Rumor has it the beast was unearthed from his cemetery lair in Cleveland and   relocated to Charles Mill Lake. Incorporating roasted pumpkin, molasses   and spices this ale will help you create your own special glow. 

         Ferryman Oatmeal   Milk Stout - Cross over to the craft beer dark side with   the Ferryman.  Brewed with lactose sugar, flaked oats, chocolate and   roasted malts, it is sure to become one of your favorite brews.

         Redemption IPA  A classic West Coast Style IPA blended from 4   different hop varieties. Find your Redemption with a floral bouquet of pine   and citrus notes without harsh bitterness.     

         Toe Tag Belgian -A traditional Belgian Tripel, it imparts a   full body with fruity and spicy flavors. Come try your Toe Tag on.  

Jackie O's


        Mystic Mama IPA  Our West-coast inspired India pale ale offers lots of flavor and aroma with out over-powering the senses. A  complex blend of 5 hops lend a firm bitterness to the notes of grapefruit, tangerines, and pine. A big dry hop addition of Citra and Simcoe hops give   Mystic Mama a nose to stand up to the flavor. 

         Razz Wheat Wheat Ale with Raspberry pureè - 40% white wheat and 60% malted two row create a nice subtle wheat ale. 420lbs of all natural raspberry   puree is added during fermentation giving this beer a unique and playful personality.  The rosy haze and sticky head embody a continuum of sour sweetness held together by a wheat back bone.  

         Chomolungma Honey Nut Brown Ale 6.50% - This brown ale was brewed to   commemorate the 2007 Lungevity Everest Expedition. The people of Tibet call   Mt. Everest “Chomolungma,” and this exceptional ale carries on the spirit of   the climb. Seven Malts, three hops, and 100 pounds of local wild flower honey   give this ale an exceptional character. Baked muffins, dark fruit,   bittersweet chocolate, rich honey and earthy subtle hops caress the palate.   

Seventh Son


         The Scientist  IPA 7% - Starting with a light bodied, hop forward   IPA, we will take small intentional steps towards find just the right balance   of floral, citrus and tropical hop notes.  

         Stone Fort English Brown Ale 5% -  A toasty brown ale with a round, full   mouthfeel and pleasant armoa, Stone Fort Offers accessible Englsh ale   character and smooth blend of lightly roasted notes, leather and biscuit   flavors.      

         Wildermen Bière De Garde 7.60% -  Our interpretation of the Bière De Garde   style is melt forward, earthy an dry, with dried fruit and peppery yeast   spice in the finish. 

Veteran BrewHouse


         R&R   Summer Wheat Witbier 6.50%  -  A light, easy drinking and   refreshing Wheat beer with a distinctively silky mouthfeel with a subtle   spices and earthy fruitiness.  

         Red Sky Rye IPA 7.10% - This is a amber IPA which mingles   full malt body, smooth caramel, spicy rye and mouth-watering hops makes this   brew very refreshing. 

Black Cloister Brewing Co.


               Flapjack O'Lantern Pumpkin Ale   7.50%  - What’s better than pumpkin?   Pumpkin pancakes, of course! We’ve put your favorite autumn breakfast in a   glass. This delicious ale uses real pumpkin, spices, and maple syrup to   capture the spirit of Flapjack-O-Lantern.  

         Zicke Zacke Oktoberfest Lager 5.20% - Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, Hoi,   Hoi, Hoi! This is a classic, German style Festbier. The toasty and   biscuit-like qualities are complimented with a delicate floral hop aroma and   taste that also offers a subdued bitterness for balance.  Prost!  

         Pale Rider American IPA -  For a year, we test batched   numerous IPAs before finding one we felt worthy of releasing. Citra, Equinox,   and Cascade hops drive the aroma and flavor of this tasty American India Pale   Ale. 

Restoration Brew Worx


         Worx-Toberfest Festbier  5.50% -  Modern Oktoberfest Beir - Malt w/ breedy notes mid tongue. Finish is crisp and clean .

         Wet Albino White IPA 6.60%   Belgran wet meets American IPA - Hopped with   locally grown cascade hops and fresh picked @ 10lbs / bbl.

         Simple English Mild 4.50% -  English mild with subtle chocolate, coffee   and caramel notes. Dark in color, full   of flavor, yet extremely sessionable.

Wolf's Ridge Brewing


        Oktoberfest Marzen 5.40% -  Traditional German fostbier. Bready, light   caramel sweetness with a clean crisp finish due to extensive lagering.

         Daybreak Coffee Vanilla Cream Ale 5%  -  Light and dry cream ale transformed by a cold   steep with whole one-time coffee & Madagascar vanilla bean.

Your Brewery?


Would you like to have your brews featured at our amazing events? If you think you have something special drop us a line and lets talk.